Welcome to the Service Innovation Program
This is a unique program that provides
students with a unique set of skills and
knowledge that is applicable across a wide
range of industries.

Once students have completed
the degree they will have the opportunity to
influence change through social innovation
and social enterprise.

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What Is Service Innovation?

  • The service industries include finance, insurance, hospitality, banking, logistics, retail and healthcare, etc.
  • Service industries constitute a significant proportion of the GDP of all countries and are quickly growing in economic importance
  • Service design and innovation skills and knowledge are driving forces in much of the decision making across a wide range of organizations
  • Service design is multidisciplinary and requires strategic, creative and innovative problem solving and thinking skills, encompassing marketing, finance, public relations, design, human resource management, managing cross-cultural relationships, effective communication skills, corporate social responsibility and risk management

Why Join the BA Service Innovation Program?

  • This is a results-oriented that ensures graduates are well-prepared for the constantly changing economic, social and cultural environment that characterizes this new millennium
  • We provide internationally oriented service design and innovation faculty members who are global thought leaders
  • The curriculum is industry-led and designed to introduce students to practical and results oriented information and perspectives
  • The learning environment has been specially designed to provide opportunities for exploring your full potential to become a leader in the world’s largest economic sector
  • The entire program has been developed to be of relevance to small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as large international organizations

When You Graduate You Will Be Uniquely Positioned To:

  • Join a range of local and global public and private sector organizations as a leader
  • Fully appreciate the major issues and concerns facing the services sector
  • Work with a strategic orientation with an emphasis on leadership, knowledge management, managing organizational change and sustainability
  • Solve problems and identify new opportunities with internationally recognized critical design thinking and analysis skills
  • Effectively communicate in a global environment
Given the unique strengths of the BA in Service Innovation curriculum, graduates will be strongly positioned to gain employment in a wide range of industries as well as a number of public and non-profit organizations including:
  • Airlines
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Consulting companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Event Planning
  • Hotels, travel and tourism businesses
  • Telecommunications
  • Government agencies (national, regional and local)
  • International organizations such as UNESCO (and other UN agencies) and ASEAN
  • Marketing, public relations and branding operations
  • Meetings, Incentive, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE) agencies and companies
Strengths of the Service Innovation Program
  • We are Asia's first undergraduate Service Innovation Pragram
    and have a 15-year history of interdisciplinary education
    experience within the College of Innovation
  • Our international curriculum is designed to ensure that
    graduates can successfully assume leadership roles within the
    regional service sector
  • We provide opportunities to practice, test and refine the theories
    and concepts taught by utilizing the College's own hotel,
    restaurant and meeting facilities at the Learning Resort campus.

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